General update: Entrance cameras, security, and more

I. Our Flock entrance cameras have been operational now for almost 2 weeks. For details about them, see the previous post on our website if you haven’t already.

If a crime occurs in Spring Lake, report it to the Sheriff’s Office ASAP! The main, non-emergency sheriff’s office number is 225-686-2241. Of course, if a crime is in progress, or an immediate threat is present, always dial 911.

The Sheriff’s Office is set up to access our system in the event of a crime, and the sooner they do so the more likely they are to catch the criminals and possibly recover any stolen property. The LPSO detectives know that we are now on a Flock system, so there’s no need for anyone to notify the HOA about a crime. Just report it to the police.

Remember though: If a crime occurs, it’s important to quickly file that police report! Then the Sheriff’s Office can check the cameras as part of their investigation.

If you want to, you can have your plate numbers added to a list of those belonging to residents. This is voluntary, and will allow law enforcement to quickly eliminate resident license plates in the event they are searching the data following a crime.

A special link is required in order for you to add your license plates to the resident list. (We cannot make such additions, only the vehicle owner.) Email if you would like to do so, and he will send you the link.

II. In addition to the Flock cameras, we have implemented the first steps toward improving security at the park and in other places around the subdivision where suspicious activity has been noted. Several automatic lights were installed during the past week, among other things, and many more improvements are in progress.

III. We will shortly be repairing and replacing many of the street signs throughout the subdivision, and will add new ones where they are needed, including at the bus turnarounds. We just discovered that the rocket scientists at DR Horton have a 25 MPH speed limit in the new section which adjoins us! So, we will be getting a very noticeable 20 MPH speed limit sign to put on the inbound “border” there on Garnet Lake.

IV. With the heavy rains, weeds have started taking hold in our entrance flower beds, so we’re having our landscaping company come out soon to do a bit of freshening up on those.

That’s about it for now, but there’s a lot more in the works which will be announced soon!

As always, we welcome everyone’s input and suggestions.