May 28, 2020 News and Updates

We hope that everyone is doing well in the midst of these unusual times, and that things get back to normal soon!

The HOA has been really busy working on a great number of projects, and we wanted to give everyone an update.

This remains an extremely high priority for us. As you know, our 4th Flock camera was installed recently on Garnet Lake coming from the Whispering Springs section. Although the police cannot provide any specific details, we have been told that the Flock images have indeed been valuable to them for their investigations of recent crimes. They said that we’re definitely getting our money’s worth from these cameras! The Flock system also played a part in quickly solving some property damage incidents.

After researching carefully, we ordered a number of high intensity, motion sensing LED security lights for the park. Some of them have already arrived, and the rest are coming in tomorrow (Friday). These will be installed starting on Saturday. Several permanent poles are coming to the park to support the lights, new signage, and new cameras. In the meantime though, the lights will be placed on temporary poles so that they can start providing immediate security. Again, please note that the park closes at sundown! Therefore, if you see any lights in the park coming on during the night, take a moment to notice if anyone is there. Motion sensing lights can be triggered by animals or moving branches, but if you definitely see people in the park at night, call the police. Do not confront anyone yourself!

The same goes if you happen to see anyone breaking into a vehicle, etc. At least one recent news report showed vehicle burglars in Baton Rouge carrying firearms. We have had armed vehicle burglars right here in Spring Lake too, so it is not uncommon. Remember that no vehicle or material possession is worth your life, so report any criminal activity and let the professionals handle it.

Traffic Signs
First of all, we want to extend our most sincere thanks to residents Doug Chutz and Ray Walker, who generously fixed the stop sign on Diamond Lake which was knocked over. We really appreciate it!

Brand-new stop signs have arrived for the entire subdivision, so ALL existing stop signs will be replaced. Two new stop signs are going up on Garnet Lake, at the corners of Ruby Lake and Sapphire Lake. These will address the southbound traffic coming in from Whispering Springs, which currently has nothing to impede it. Installation of our new stop signs is scheduled to start today! We will also be putting a big REDUCED SPEED / SPEED LIMIT 20 sign at the border with Whispering Springs, because their speed limits are 25 and we do not want them speeding into the subdivision. This sign and the new stop signs should handle that well. In addition, as part of the sign project, all sign posts are being painted.

Google Voice Number
After considerable testing, we are happy to announce a Google Voice number which can be used to contact the HOA board. The number is 225-283-6364. This is a free service provided by Google, so there is no cost to us whatsoever!

Please consider this an emergency number, for when there is a need to reach the board on very short notice. We respond quickly to email and Facebook Messenger, but not everyone uses those. This new phone number is something available to anyone, and is almost instant. However, it should be used only when time is a factor. The number does not ring anyone’s phone, but instead allows you to send a text message or record a voicemail. Either type of message is then immediately sent to all board members.

Important: Do not use this number as an alternative to dialing 911! If you have a medical emergency, or there is a fire or criminal activity, call 911 immediately.

Welcoming Committee
A very active welcoming committee has been formed. Committee members will soon be visiting every resident who has moved into Spring Lake since the current board was instated. They will update everyone’s contact information, answer any questions, and also give each household a nice welcoming gift from the HOA.

House Fire
As you may have seen, one of our residents recently suffered a catastrophic house fire which completely destroyed their home. Luckily they and their dog escaped without harm, but everything they owned was lost, even their vehicle. If you would like to help, a GoFundMe account has been set up for them here:

Annual Dues
Dues for 2020-2021 will be invoiced at the beginning of June, with a due date of June 30. These will be announced ahead of time.

Everyone be on the lookout for the new signs, park lights, welcoming committee members, and lots more that’s in the works and coming soon! We’ll keep everyone updated!