May 30, 2019 Update and Announcements

Here’s the latest!

I. Live Oak Baptist Church VBS at the park pavilion on Saturday, June 1 from 3PM-7PM

Pastor Donald Turner is a resident of Spring Lake, along with several other members of his church. This Saturday, they will be having a party at the pavilion to kick off their summer Vacation Bible School. There will be a bounce house, hot dogs, soft drinks, and music. Pastor Turner said it’s an opportunity for them to reach out in the community and invite parents and kids to VBS. You can see more about their VBS, which starts this Sunday, June 2, at this link:
Be sure to go by the park, enjoy some good company, and get all the details.

II. Entrance update

The board would like to extend another HUGE thanks to resident Joey Armstrong and his wonderful Jeep! Using its power winch, Joey cleanly uprooted the remaining bushes on the median at the Sapphire Lake entrance. Board members Tom Burris and Greg Bunch hauled away the uprooted shrubs, with the help of Greg’s son Ethan and Ethan’s pickup truck. Greg and Ethan also removed the considerable amount of trash which was hidden among the bushes. This area will be graded and sodded as part of the big makeover of this entrance, which will improve visibility while driving through it, and also make it much neater and easier to maintain.

The board has formally chosen Alford’s Landscaping to complete the Sapphire Lake entrance makeover, and to bring the other two entrances up to the same standard. Alford’s submitted the most competitive bid, and has lots of experience building subdivision entrances. This is not just simple landscaping; they will be constructing a stone enclosure around the big sign, which will contain a raised bed full of mulch and ornamental plants. Not only was Alford’s bid the lowest, but we also saved a lot of money by pulling out those bushes ourselves. Work should begin very soon.

III. Street sign

While removing the uprooted bushes, Greg Bunch and his son noticed that the street sign at the corner of Springlake and Diamond Lake had fallen down, so they replaced it and tightened the mounting screw. It should be good to go.

IV. Accounting and Dues

Our new CPA has been in touch with us regularly, and should have our starting figures to us any day now. They figured out what had been done in the past, corrected those mistakes, and have outlined our path forward so that things will be accurate and simple. They also gave us the go-ahead to send out invoices for 2019-2020 dues. Our goal is to have those out by Tuesday at the latest. Again, dues are $250, payable by June 30, so there’s plenty of time!

When your invoice arrives, payment can be made by mailing a check to:

Spring Lake HOA
PO Box 849
Walker, LA 70785

There will also be at least one, if not two, online payment options as well.

That’s about it for now, though LOTS more is coming up soon. As always, feel free to send us your questions, comments, and suggestions. In turn, we’ll keep you up to date on everything happening in Spring Lake!