June 10, 2019 Update

I. Judson Baptist Church Backyard Kids Club at the park June 13 and July 11

Spring Lake resident Brother Robbie Isom is the children’s minister at Judson Baptist Church  and wanted to extend the following invitation:

You’re invited to Judson Baptist Church’s

Join us on Thursday, June 13th and Thursday, July 11th from 6-8 at the Spring Lake Subdivision Park.

We’ll have music, crafts, games, Bible study, and snacks… all centered on this year’s VBS theme: In the Wild.

For more information, call: Brother Robbie Isom @ 665-5481 or email: brorobbie@jbcla.com

II. Entrance renovations are done!

As you may have seen, Alford’s Landscaping did a fast and beautiful job on all 3 of our entrances. They built a stone retaining wall around the sign on Sapphire Lake, which contains our new ornamental garden there. At Natures Way, they installed soil, mulch, and new plants, and at the Cane Market entrance, they trimmed, weeded, and mulched. They also spread fertilizer and weed preventative in all locations. The only remaining visible task is the installation of sod on Sapphire Lake, which should be this week. In addition, they will perform repairs to the irrigation systems at all entrances as needed.

III. Dues and Accounting

A big THANK YOU to all who have already paid their dues so far! We appreciate it very much, and will continue to put our money to the very best use. Speaking of money, we are fully running on QuickBooks now. Our monthly bills are paid automatically, and our bank account interfaces with QuickBooks. Therefore, all bank activity, whether it is a paid bill or the incoming collection of dues, goes directly into QuickBooks without the need for manual entry. Our CPA has given us beginning balances, and we have just 1 remaining discrepancy from the old accounting (only about $15.00) to track down before our books will be 100%, absolutely to-the-penny accurate!

More to come…